Yale Working Group

Fall 2013 Schedule

9/17  Precarity 101: Paulo Virno, Nicolas Bourriaud, Angela Mitropolous, Thomas Hirschhorn (Josh Alvizu)

10/1  George Simmel, “The Sociology of Poverty” and excerpts from the Philosophy of Money (Andrew Kirwin & Kirk Wetters)

10/15  Robert Walser, short prose texts (Jason Groves)

10/22  Rilke, Book of Poverty & Death, with Adamov’s French translation (Julia Elsky)

11/5  Film: The Ister (Marijeta Bozovic)

11/19  Benjamin, “Experience and Poverty” & Agamben, The Highest Poverty [part 1] (Katrin Trüstedt & Kirk Wetters)

12/3  Agamben, The Highest Poverty [part 2] (ibid.)

Spring 2014 Schedule

2/4: Judith Butler, Precarious Life [excerpts] (Eneken Laanes)

2/20:  Butler, Frames of War [excerpts] (ibid.)

3/6: Jonathan Crary, 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep (Josh Alvizu)

3/25: John Hamilton, Security: Politics, Humanity & the Philology of Care [excerpts] (Jason Kavett)

4/10: Poetics & Precarity, essay & poems by Rob Halpern, excerpt from Ernst Bloch (special session with Walt Hunter, Clemson University)

4/11-4/12: Conditions of Precarity Conference

4/29: Kafka, selected texts (Henry Sussman)

5/6: Foucault (Andrew Kirwin)

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