Conference Schedule

Conditions of Precarity Life, Work, Literature

Friday April 11 — LC 211

Registration & Coffee (3:15-3:30pm)

Introduction (3:30-3:45pm)

Panel 1: Writing Economies (3:45-4:45pm) Moderator: Adrian Renner
– Nathan Taylor (Cornell): “Narrative Precarity after the New Economy in Kathrin Röggla”
– Philipp Hubmann (Innsbruck): “Moral Desertification: Precarity & Concealment in Andres Veiels Documentary Play Der Kick

Plenary: (4:45-5:45pm)
Walt Hunter (Clemson): “Emotion Re-Collected in Precarity”

Coffee & Wine (5:45-6:00pm)

Keynote (6:00-7:15pm)
John Hamilton (Harvard): “Omnia mea mecum porto: Culture and the Precarity of Life”

Dinner (7:30pm) Location TBA
Saturday April 12 — WLH 309
Breakfast (9:30-10:00am)

Panel 2: Insecurities (10:00-11:30am) Moderator: Susan Morrow
– Michaela Hartl (Kassel): “How not to become a Bourgeoius: Robert Walser and the Bildungsroman”
– Jakob Vetter (Dresden): “Männliche Armutsrisiken in Goffried Kellers Bildungsroman Der grüne Heinrich
– Tidyan Bah (FU Berlin): “Genus or Genre: Reflections on the Concept of the Precariat in Light of Thomas Mann’s A Man and His Dog

Coffee (11:30-11:45am)

Panel 3: Instabilities (11:45-1:15pm) Moderator: Anna Albers
– Julia Vomhof (Düsseldorf): “Unforeseeable, Contingent and Productive: Tempting Precarity and Precarious Temptation in Goethe” [in German]
– Mathelinda Nabugodi (UCL): “Precarious Harmony: Poetry, Music, and Meaning after the Fall of Language”
– Jonathan Kassner (NYU): “Hang in there!: On the Motif of Suspension in Adorno”

Lunch—catered (1:15-2:30pm)

Panel 4: Interventions (2:30-4:00pm) Moderator: Ole Hinz
– Jensen Suther (Yale): “All that Has Already Fallen: the (Un)truth of Precarity”
– Anne Mulhall (King’s College): “The Bloom Effect: Tiqqun’s Precarious Subject and their Fidelity to Joyce”
– Laura Goldblatt (Virginia): “Resisting Precarity”


Reception!— WLH 309
Tapas & Wine

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